For Asset Managers
Asset managers can benefit by utilizing our pre-selected service providers. Our
selection process is not based on a first-come-first-serve database of real
estate agents and service providers. Our selection process involves verification
of licensing, experience and marketing ability when related to real estate agents.
Prospective vendors must complete an extensive application, license
verification process. Criminal records search and  interview with an experienced
real estate broker familiar with your needs is also available. Only agents and
vendors personally chosen are afforded inclusion.  If you look good, we look
good approach to applicant review.  We can supply verified and professional:

  • Real Estate Agents ( BPO and Listings)
  • Property Inspectors
  • General Contractors
  • Clean Out Services
  • Gardening Services
  • Locksmith
  • Board Up Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting Contractors

If you would like to streamline your processes and retain your lender/clients, we
would like to assist you. The process of becoming an approved vendor is similar
to that of any professional or organization. Please utilize the
Contact Us page to
have more information sent to you immediately.
Connecting Asset Managers and REO professionals
Asset Managers and  REO service providers may be required to register for service through REOTRANS, USRESNET or other reo - asset management systems
when listing reo properties or providing a service in conjunction with the offering of an reo property. Properties listed as bank owned may be owned by by: Wells
Fargo Bank REO, Bank of America REO, Countrywide REO, Wachovia Bank REO, Chase Bank REO or through and asset management company.  
Untied States
U.S. Public Access
REO Professionals Nationwide
Brokers - Agents  - Contractors - Service Providers
Choose a state to begin your Nationwide search for agents and brokers
experienced in completing BPO orders, cash-for-keys negotiations, bank
owned property sales - liquidation and service providers offering
experienced preservation services throughout the country.
Foreclosure-Direct.com - Nationwide REO
Locate REO Industry Specialists For:
  • BPO Orders - Initial and Secondary
  • Historical Valuation Requests
  • Cash-for-keys Negotiation
  • Property Preservation
  • General Home Repairs
  • Interior and Exterior Trash Outs
  • Re-Key and Board Up
  • Monthly MSR Reporting
  • Property Marketing
  • Asset Liquidation and Sale
states. Whether you are looking for an experienced REO agent, broker or team of real estate professionals to assist in
BPO completion or to list properties in their local market for liquidation, we are here to help you make the process as
seamless as possible by providing direct access to local professionals, contractors and service providers throughout
the country.