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Real Estate Professionals - Vendor Application
We only consider application requests from real estate
professionals, brokers and service providers willing to provide
information and services to our clients while adhering to our strict
standards. Paid inclusion is available for $49.00 per year.  
Payment for your services is realized only when a contracted
service is contracted with you through REO vendors and asset
managers.  All future services must be completed in accordance
with the terms and conditions of the contracting party or individual.
Information and service requests from our clients and partners can
include, yet are not limited to:
If you are a licensed agent or vendor willing to provide information and services to lender-owners and,
or  prospective buyers while adhering to our professionals standards and policies, we would like to hear
from you. Our relationships are rewarding and profitable for the individuals and companies we select to
join our REO teams.  Please submit application only once as duplicate requests will delay a response.
We will review all requests and respond only if additional information is needed or, a decision is made to
secure your services.  Because of request volume, we do not accept requests b
y telephone of fax.
Licensed Real Estate Professionals

  • BPO Completion
  • MLS listings of REO property
  • Property Inspections
  • Buyer Referrals
  • Offer Submission
  • Cash for Keys Negotiations
  • Occupancy Verification

Maintenance and Repair Professionals

  • Re-Key, Lockout
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Painting
  • General Repair - Maintenance
  • Pool Services
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians

Professional Service Providers

  • Asset Management
  • Property Inspectors
  • Real Estate Attorneys
REO Realtors and bank owned REO service providers may be required to sign up for service through REOTRANS,
USRESNET or other reo - asset management systems when listing reo properties or providing a service in conjunction with
the offering of an reo property. Properties listed as bank owned may be owned by by: Wells Fargo Bank REO, Bank of
America REO, Countrywide REO, Wachovia Bank REO, Chase Bank REO or through and asset management company.
Submit REO agent or REO vendor application for exposure to lenders of foreclosed property nationwide.
. - Nationwide access

Join our team of listed
professionals today for only
One time payment for 1 year listing in our directory of
REO real estate professionals. You will not be billed at
end of term. You must re-apply for inclusion.

If you have received a personal invitation
form us and would like to continue the
inclusion process or, would like to complete
payment for inclusion into our professional
directory , please continue here., you will
be directed to the member area where you
can complete your submission for addition
as an approved REO vendor, agent, broker
or contractor.